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EuroCloud Europe

EuroCloud Europe Award Winners 2014 Revealed
Europe?s Best Cloud Companies and Solutions awarded the EuroCloud Europe Award in Luxembourg In front of more than 150 Cloud experts from 21 European member states, EuroCloud President Bernd Read more...
(Wed, 01 Oct 2014 11:56:18 +0200)
Zero Time Difference for Global Cloud Certification III collaborates with EuroCloud Europe
First ECSA-ACH Facilitates Taiwanese Cloud Businesses Striding for Global Market     According to the report made by MIC, Institute for Information Industry, III, by 2016 the scale of cloud computing Read more...
(Wed, 24 Sep 2014 16:31:06 +0200)
The Innovation World Cup Series proudly presents the Cloud Innovator of the Year 2013/2014
 ?Dash ? drive smart? ?Dash ? drive smart?, winner in the category mobility and also awarded as Cloud Innovator of the Year, impressed the jury with its sound performance Read more...
(Thu, 26 Jun 2014 15:25:40 +0200)
Cloud for Europe ? 1st project update
About the project Cloud for Europe supports public sector cloud use as collaboration between public authorities and industry. The project identifies obstacles, finds innovative solutions and builds trust in Read more...
(Tue, 18 Feb 2014 16:56:40 +0100)
Cloud ? World Series partners with Cloud Innovation World Cup® and EuroCloud
EuroCloud and the Cloud Innovation World Cup® are pleased to announce the partnership with The Cloud World Series, the world?s leading event series in Cloud Computing. Cloud World Series Read more...
(Thu, 13 Feb 2014 11:18:08 +0100)
Merry Christmas
(Tue, 24 Dec 2013 09:54:59 +0100)
Ljubljana, 15.12.2013  ? First group of 42 IT professionals achieves the new » ? Certified Cloud Computing Engineer« status
During November and December a group of IT professionals in Slovenia achieved the new » –  Certified Cloud Computing Engineer« status. The »« – Certified Cloud Computing Engineer is a technical training and certification, which is addressing the widening knowledge gap. »c3e« training programme and certification is  supported by the activities of »KC Class« (the Slovenian cloud competence center ? ) and by Eurocloud ( and was developed over a 4 year period, based on industry best practices and on 15 years of international experience in IT training for professionals. Closing the knowledge gap - As cloud computing is increasingly being used inside Europe’s companies and organizations, the system engineers, administrators and developers are facing a need for knowledge&skill refresh or upgrade. Considering the speed of development of cloud computing technologies IT professionals are facing a knowledge gap, which is widening.  Do the IT professionals really need this new knowledge? Yes -when it comes to the »cloud« – let there be no mistake: the cloud is only as good as are the skills of system engineers and administrators, who are managing and operating it. As does the IT infrastructure, sitting in company’s datacenter, need attendance, so do servers and applications in the cloud. It is a fact, which cloud technologies reduce IT infrastructure management burden and make it more effective ? however the issues did not disappear. Cloud technologies only enable the IT professional to have more time available to focus on user needs ? which have too often been neglected.   Designed with the European perspective in mind – Several European Union guidelines and recommendations were used within »c3e« development process – for example, European e-Competence Framework or European qualifications framework (EQF) or the classification of skills/competences, qualifications and occupations (ESCO). At the same time »c3e« supports the objectives of fostering the ICT Profession in Europe, European Cloud partnership or e-skills for 21st century. The content scope is initially set for the needs of European system engineers, administrators – and later cloud application developers.
(Thu, 19 Dec 2013 21:43:32 +0100)
EuroCloud at ICT 2013 ? Boosting EU Competitiveness with Cloud Computing ? SME & Industry Perspectives
Dalibor Baskovc, VP EuroCloud Europe and Chairman EuroCloud Slovenia represented four projects with EuroCloud participation during interactive networking session organised by the CloudWATCH  project at ICT2013, in Vilnius, Read more...
(Fri, 29 Nov 2013 17:59:49 +0100)
China Relation strengthened during EuroCloud Europe Congress
The Sino-EU workshop held during the EuroCloud Congress 2013 in Luxembourg gave insight on future collaboration between China and Europe, The workshop was led by the EuroCloud Vice President Read more...
(Thu, 21 Nov 2013 23:00:25 +0100)
Neelie Kroes ? Making Europe the natural home of safe cloud computing
Neelie Kroes – Vice-President of the European Commission explained her strategy for safe Cloud Omputing in Europe during the Cloud for Europe Conference in Berlin: There are huge Read more...
(Fri, 15 Nov 2013 09:35:32 +0100)

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